Why Buy A Tag Axle On Motorhome?

When would you use a tag axle?

A tag axle mounted under the rear of a truck body shortens a truck’s wheelbase and makes it more maneuverable. But that tag must be down when a dump bed is raised to give the vehicle proper stability.

What is a tag axle?

Tag Axle. An auxiliary axle installed in conjunction with the rear axle(s) of a truck chassis. A tag axle is installed behind the rearmost axle, thus extending the length of the wheelbase. See Tandem Axle.

How does tag axle work?

A tag axle is a third axle located behind the rear drive axle of a motor home. It is a non-drive axle with one or two tires on each side. The main purpose of a tag axle is to increase the support of the chassis at the rear of the vehicle, allowing for greater carrying capacity and shock resistance.

When should you dump tag axles?

When you are making real tight turns, either going forward slowly, or backing up.by dumping the air on the tag axle (which dumps the air out of an air bag which was forcing the tag axle down), then the tag axle will raise up and thus changing the pivot point to the drive axle only.

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What are the benefits of a tag axle?

Driving Experience A tag axle reduces rear overhang on your motorhome. This gives it greater stability on the road, especially in windy conditions. The extra shock absorption also means you’ll have a smoother ride on uneven terrain, making for a more pleasurable driving experience.

How much weight can a tag axle hold?

In addition to Bridge Formula weight limits, Federal law states that single axles are limited to 20,000 pounds, and axles spaced more than 40 inches and not more than 96 inches apart (tandem axles) are limited to 34,000 pounds. Gross vehicle weight is limited to 80,000 pounds (23 U.S.C.

What is the purpose of a drop axle?

Drop axles are similar to standard spring axles, but the spindles at the end of the tube bend up. This puts the hub higher up, generally lowering the axle closer to the ground by 4 inches center-to-center. This allows the trailer to sit lower to the ground. Lower deck height means easier loading and unloading.

What is the purpose of a pusher axle?

A pusher axle adds stability to the truck’s chassis during cornering and takes some of the weight from the tandem and steering axle but can make it difficult to get the maximum allowable weight on the truck’s front axle.

What is a booster axle?

The Booster Axle Assembly is a removable framework coupled to removable axle (s). The Booster Axle Assembly may use mechanical air or hydraulics to provide load transfer. The Booster Axle Assembly increases the wheel base of the trailer when attached to the rear frame.

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Do lift axles have brakes?

Question 1: Do retractable or lift axles have to be equipped with brakes? Guidance: Yes, when the wheels are in contact with the roadway.

What is the difference between a pusher axle and a tag axle?

“Whereas a tag axle is located behind the drive axles to take some of the weight off the rear drive axles when the vehicle is fully loaded, a pusher axle is positioned in front of the drive axles, adding stability to the chassis during cornering,” Mastroianni says.

What is a mid lift axle?

A truck with a “mid lift” axle is one where the middle axle lifts (and on some trucks steers) and the rear axle is driven by the engine. Almost all three axle units on the road are of this configuration. A truck with a “tag lift” axle is one where the rear axle lifts and the middle axle is driven by the engine.

How do you level a tag axle motorhome?

You level a tag in the same way as a ‘van without a second axle at the back. i.e you only need a ramp under 1 of the pair of wheels on each side. Just don’t go over the top of the ramp, when backing on to it, leaving the ramp between the wheels especially if you have no / little room behind you.

What is a tag wheel on a bus?

The tag axle is a trailing non-dual tired axle that is positioned behind the main drive axle. The majority have a 10,000 lbs, capacity and are equipped with brakes. They are used on heavier coaches to help take some of the weight.

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What is a tag axle on a semi truck?

There are two general types of 6×2 axles. A tag axle is where the rear-most drive axle is non-powered, also referred to as a free-rolling or dead axle. A pusher axle is where the forward-most drive axle is not powered. The tag axle has been the most common.

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