Where Do I Put Things In The Compartments Of My C Class Motorhome?

How do you organize a motorhome?

12 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Camper or RV

  1. Use an Over The Cabinet Storage Basket.
  2. Add Shelves To Cabinets.
  3. DIY Spice Rack.
  4. Over The Cabinet Door Trash Can.
  5. Use a Cord Reel.
  6. Use Towel Bars To Organize Toiletries.
  7. Add More Hooks To Your Shower Rod.

How do you store things in an RV?

Tips for keeping items secure while your RV is in motion include:

  1. Use nails or screws for wall items.
  2. Try velcro strips or 3M Command strips.
  3. Install hooks.
  4. Clear off your counters.
  5. Check latches on cabinets and drawers.
  6. Bungee cords are your friend.
  7. Line shelves with non-slip mats.
  8. Store items in plastic containers.

Where do you hide valuables in an RV?

Hide in plain sight This way one of the best places to hide your valuables is, in fact, in plain sight, inside the most mundane looking objects! This one is a classic, but works. Place a toilet roll inside a mason jar, fill around it with something like sweets, or rice, and just hide your valuables inside the roll.

What Every RV needs?

The Checklist Every First Time RVer Needs

  • Drinking Water Hose.
  • Sewer Kit.
  • Surge Protector.
  • Generator.
  • Electrical Adapters.
  • Water Pressure Regulator.
  • Tire Pressure Gauge.
  • Duct Tape.
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How do I keep my RV cabinets from opening?

7 Ways To Properly Secure RV Cabinets and Drawers

  1. Magnetic Latches. Magnetic latches are essentially just two very strong magnets.
  2. Bungee Cord or Rope Method. This method will only work on select RV drawers and cabinets.
  3. Make Use of Storage Containers.
  4. Child Safety Locks.
  5. Rolled Up Rug Method.
  6. Velcro.
  7. Clean Up.

How do you park an RV at home?

16 Tips for Creating RV Parking at Home

  1. Be considerate of your neighbors.
  2. Do not block the sidewalk.
  3. Do not block line of sight.
  4. Build a firm foundation.
  5. Trim trees and bushes.
  6. Be aware or your roofline.
  7. Be aware of the slope.
  8. Consider covered parking or an RV garage.

How do I protect myself in an RV?

Thankfully, there are a few simple steps you can take to help protect yourself from crime in your RV.

  1. Lock your doors.
  2. Take a second to close your blinds.
  3. Find a visible, well-lit site.
  4. Limit valuables.
  5. Put your equipment away.
  6. Invest in a security system.

How do you store Ziploc bags in a camper?

Ziploc Space Bags Space Bags allow you to take your items and shrink them. For RV organization, that means storing extra pillows, clothes, blankets and other bulky items with ease. Simply attach your vacuum hose, and the bags do all the work.

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