Readers ask: How Do You Fix A Toilet On A 1990 Gulfstream Motorhome.?

How do you fix an RV toilet?

Remove Your RV Toilet

  1. Turn off the water shut off valve at the toilet as well as the water pump and city water.
  2. Flush the toilet until all water is out of the bowl and doesn’t run anymore.
  3. Place towels around the back of the toilet to catch any residual water.
  4. Disconnect the water supply line from the toilet.

How do you fix a camper toilet that won’t flush?

How to Unclog An RV Toilet That Won’t Drain In 7 Easy Steps

  1. Close black tank valve.
  2. Add water to the tank.
  3. Pour a bottle of Holding Tank Cleaner into the tank.
  4. Let the cleaner sit for 12-27 hours.
  5. Open valve to empty the tank.
  6. Rinse the tank.
  7. Close the black tank valve.

Why Is My RV toilet not holding water?

In most cases your RV toilet is being left without water because the blade seal, which is a simple rubber seal, has perished, become damaged or has hardened to the point that it no longer works.

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Is it OK to poop in a camper toilet?

Key Points: You CAN poop in an RV toilet, contrary to many opinions out there. Lots of water is very important when adding solid waste to your holding tanks.

Why does my RV toilet smell like urine?

If you have a strong urine smell in your rv bathroom the cause is the 300 series dometic toilet. It is a known defective toilet. If you have a strong urine smell in your rv bathroom the cause is the 300 series dometic toilet. It is a known defective toilet.

Can I use a plunger on my RV toilet?

You can use a plunger to clear the clog just like in your toilet at home. Add some water to the toilet bowl if there isn’t any already. Then, put the plunger over the hole. Make sure it completely covers the hole.

Can I flush tampons in an RV?

Technically it is possible to flush tampons in an RV or Camper toilet. However, you should not flush tampons or other feminine products down an RV toilet as they do not break down easily and could either block your tank or contribute to the presence of odors.

How do you unclog a RV holding tank?

To do this, pour one cup of liquid dish detergent/soap into the toilet and then add one cup of the water softener. After that, pour one pot of boiling water on top and let all of this sit overnight. You should be able to flush your toilet with no problem in the morning and the clog should be gone.

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Can you replace an RV toilet with a regular toilet?

The flushing mechanism and water usage are the main reasons you cannot use a standard house toilet in your RV. While they have the exact same use, RV toilets and house toilets do not work in the same way; the two are not interchangeable.

Are all RV toilets interchangeable?

Many customers now replace their older plastic RV toilet (that came with their RV) with the newer porcelain toilets. Porcelain RV toilets have a residential look and feel. Both Thetford & Dometic toilets will interchange with each other and these newer models are much more water efficient.

What is the tallest RV toilet?

The tallest we have are each a full 20-1/2″ in height, they are the Dometic part-timer RV toilet w/ sprayer, # DOM97FR in white ceramic and the Dometic round bowl with slow close lid in tan ceramic, # DOM47FR.

How much water does it take to flush an RV toilet?

Your tank sensor should give you an accurate reading of how full the tank is; in general it’s a good idea to empty the tank when it’s about ⅔ to ¾ full. Any earlier and the chemicals won’t have a chance to break down the waste properly.

How do you keep a camper toilet seal from drying out?

If your seal dries out it can start to develop a slow leak draining out the water and causing a dry bowl. I’ve found when this happens or as preventive maintenance, a coating of Vaseline on the seal works wonders at keeping the seal nice and supple and leak proof.

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