Often asked: How Do Blue Bird Motorhome?

Does Blue Bird still make motorhomes?

Wanderlodge is a retired series of recreational vehicles built by American bus manufacturer Blue Bird Body Company (now Blue Bird Corporation).

Are Bluebird wanderlodge good?

These motorhomes are very well built and very reliable. Living quality and comforts are all there.

How much does a bluebird wanderlodge weigh?

He added that the Wanderlodge basically drives itself, and went on to note that, with a dry weight of more than 40,000 pounds, even passing semitrailers has no effect.

Who makes sea breeze motorhomes?

NATIONAL RV SEA BREEZE Class A Motorhomes For Sale1 – 4 of 4 Listings.

Is National Seabreeze a good motorhome?

2021-02-01 2001 National RV Sea Breeze LX 8360 View Listings I have had other motorhomes that you could not keep on road but this National RV is the best for any kind of conditions! The floor plan is great with a walk through bathroom and has a very relaxing interior set up that makes everything very accesable!

Is Seabreeze a good motorhome?

This RV is very roomy and comfortable inside. I feel the outside appearance is very nice. You can easily access the bathroom when slideouts are in. It is amazing how much storage space is in this rv.

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