How To Paint Graphics On A Motorhome?

Can you paint RV decals?

We do not recommend installing decals over existing decals. Some people will even paint over top of old decals. We do not recommend that! Even if you do a nice job covering the vinyl with paint, it will only last for a little while.

Can vinyl decals be painted?

You can paint vinyl! You can use spray paint or acrylic (and other too!) to add to your vinyl creations. You can add so much dimension and character to your projects with just a little, or a lot, of paint. Below are some of my favorite projects using spray paint or acrylic paint on vinyl.

How do I keep my decals from fading?

How to Protect Stickers, Vinyl Decals & Wraps on Cars

  1. Wash graphics regularly by hand with a sponge and mild detergent. Rinse debris off first with a spray of water.
  2. Apply a silicone or Teflon-based polish designed for vehicle graphics to add a layer of protection.
  3. Store the vehicle indoors whenever possible.

Can I wax my RV decals?

Decals should be wax just like your RV should be waxed for protection against the elements. Traditional polishes and waxes will discolor or stain decals.

How do I shine my camper decals?

Petroleum-Free Wax Wash the RV as you normally would, and then use a vehicle wax that is petroleum free. This will restore the shine of the decal and protect from future damage.

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Can you polish over decals?

The decals themselves can also be polished using a few different techniques depending on their size and what you want to achieve but because the soft vinyl is prone to marring I wouldn’t advise attacking them with anything other than an all in one product or finishing polish to avoid frustrations with fine scratches.

Can you clear coat over vinyl graphics?

Vinyl graphics are much less expensive and can be applied by anyone. To keep the vinyl graphics looking good and to keep them protected, they can be sprayed with clearcoat paint. The clearcoat paint keeps the vinyl from peeling and makes the surface easier to keep clean.

What paint works on vinyl?

The best paint for vinyl is water-based 100 percent acrylic paint, or urethane-modified acrylic paint. Avoid lower-cost latex paint. Acrylic paint remains very flexible. Vinyl can expand and contract significantly with temperature changes, and lower quality paint will crack and peel under the stress.

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