FAQ: Where To Go With My Motorhome In Rocky Pt Mexico?

Is it safe to drive to Rocky Point Mexico?

Is it safe to drive to Rocky Point Mexico from Phoenix? Yes, we recommend you drive during the day and use the Lukeville/Sonoyta border crossing. The stretch of highway just past the border to Puerto Peñasco was designated as a “safety corridor” in 2016.

Is it safe to go to Puerto Peñasco in 2021?

The health of visitors, as well as that of its residents, continues to be Puerto Peñasco’s priority. Puerto Peñasco has been leading the way in safety protocols to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 throughout 2020 and into 2021. This has translated into it becoming a safe destination.

Is it safe to go to Rocky Point?

Travelers need to “exercise caution” in Nogales and Rocky Point, an updated warning for Mexico travelers from the U.S. State Department says. This is the first time Rocky Point, also known as Puerto Peñasco, has been mentioned in an official travel warning.

How do you make reservations at Playa Bonita RV Park?


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Can I go to Rocky Point without a passport 2020?

In order to travel to Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco), you need a valid USA Passport or a USA Passport Card (or carnet) authorized by the US Department of State. Children under 16 years of age arriving to USA from Mexico or Canada may present a birth certificate (original or copy).

Is Puerto Peñasco worth visiting?

It’s home to some of the most luxurious Mexican resorts If you want luxury, adding Puerto Peñasco to your travel bucket list is a must. After all, it’s home to some of the most luxurious resorts in Mexico, from the Mayan Palace to Las Palomas Beach Resort where you can wile away the hours with a cocktail by the pool.

Can you swim in Puerto Peñasco?

Sandy Beach: Sandy beach is a beautiful beach in Rocky Point and is a very popular beach in and around Puerto Penasco. There are a lot of activities available at this beautiful beach area, including swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, parasailing, jet skiing, surfing, fishing and more.

What is the best time to go to Puerto Peñasco?

The best time to visit Puerto Peñasco is from November to April. Winter, from December to February, is generally a mild and sunny season, although it can sometimes get a bit cold (especially in December and January). You can therefore choose the months of March, April and November.

Is it safe to drink water in Rocky Point?

Is It Safe to Drink the Water? You’ve probably heard horror stories about Montezuma’s Revenge, and they aren’t always fiction. While it is perfectly safe in Rocky Point to bathe in or brush your teeth, when it comes to drinking, stick with bottled water.

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Are there sharks in Rocky Point Mexico?

This is especially true off Rocky Point where some days the sharks are so thick that practically every fish you hook is nothing more than a head when landed. The species I come across at Rocky Point are the bull shark, the reef shark and the lemon shark.

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