FAQ: Where To Buy Key Blanks For A Class A Motorhome?

How do I get a replacement key for my camper?

How To Replace Your RV Keys?

  1. Going To A Car Insurance Provider. This is one of the most legit options.
  2. Contacting An Auto Locksmith. An auto locksmith can be very convenient when you lose your RV keys.
  3. Visiting A Local Garage.
  4. Trying A Vehicle Breakdown Service.
  5. Going To A Franchised Vehicle Dealership.

Where do I find my RV key code?

The lock code could be located on the key itself, on the face of the lock core, or one a sticker attached to the lock (see photos). Once you find this you can then order the correct replacement key assuming you have a Global Link, Fastec (FIC), Bauer, or Lippert Components lock.

Are camper keys?

One question many people ask is: Are all camper keys the same? People that are not familiar with RVs and trailers will be surprised to learn that factory RV door locks are all keyed the same. Since camper door locks are all keyed the same, there are security issues that you can run into with your camper.

How do you open a camper door without a key?

Here are ten potential solutions to open a camper door without keys.

  1. Check All Windows & Doors.
  2. Inspect Emergency Exits.
  3. Pick the Lock.
  4. Remove the Door Lock.
  5. Consult Campground Staff.
  6. Consider Insurance Assistance.
  7. Call a Tow Truck.
  8. Contact a Local Locksmith.
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Are RV locks universal?

That’s right, RVs are made with universal locks for doors and storage areas. Check with other campers, or see if the campground office or host has a CH751 key you can use to open your door.

Are all CH751 keys the same?

Did you know that 60 percent of all storage compartments found in today’s RVs have the same CH751 locks and keys? No, that isn’t a typo—60 percent!

Who makes TriMark?

Easykeys.com provides new factory cut and stamped TriMark replacement keys for TriMark handles, latches and locks that can be obtained in an easy and, more importantly, fast method.

Can camper keys be duplicated?

RV keys can be made or copied at Car Dealerships, Locksmiths, Hardware stores, Camping stores, and even Walmart and Lowe’s may be able to offer a helping hand. If these do not work, consider calling your manufacturer and get them to direct you to the right place.

How do you break into a locked RV?

All you have to do is push on the left of the door near the handle while you’re trying to open it, and it should unlock. If you have an older model camper, parts of the lock system can also get jammed due to use and age. You may need to wiggle the key around a bit to get it to work.

Is it easy to break into an RV?

The simple fact of the matter is that RVs are easy to break into. The door locks are often easy to open from the outside, and the windows can be removed. Burglars often have an easy time getting in and out of RVs as quickly as possible.

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Can Walmart make RV keys?

No, Walmart cannot make RV keys or camper keys. You won’t be able to duplicate any car keys for any type of vehicle at Walmart. If you want to duplicate your RV or camper keys, visit a car dealership, camping store, locksmith shop, or hardware store.

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